“Imaginarium Zone” represents a series of performances accomplished through the collaboration between first class Romanian musicians, such as Mihaela Anica, Horia Maxim, Laura Buruiană, Cătălin Creţu and contemporary visual artists – guest artists in the project. This way, through the fusion between arts and techniques – sound, image, sound mix - the project brings Romanian composition, and in particular chamber music, back into the spotlight, giving thus life to the concept of “installation concert”.

The originality of the project resides in the virtual expansion, in enriching the “classical” space where the instrumental ensemble is placed during the recital through the mediation of new technologies. To this purpose, modern visual techniques will be used, namely mixed images processing of real time captures with the musicians and the audience, all interactively transformed through gestures and sounds made by the instrumentalist artists and projected onto unconventional surfaces: fabric, distorted walls, mirrors, curtains/drapes, depending on the context.

What makes the entire experience unique is precisely the essence of the project: the instrumental ensemble becomes part of the video installation and lives together with it; the installation merges with the entire concert – and together they transpose the audience in a different artistic dimension.


To reposition chamber music and to make it accessible through fusion with visual arts dictated by sound, shape, image, light and movement. Moreover, Imaginarium also means the free expression of ideas and of artistic-experimental experiences by tantalizing one’s senses and transposition the audience in other creative dimensions: promoting the concept of installation concert under the title “connecting the unexpected’’.

THE IMAGINARIUM ZONE is a challenge.

The Imaginarium Zone transforms and combines ideas, thoughts, shapes, images, emotions. Under the sign of “connecting the unexpected’’, Imaginarium redefines the idea of installation concert and in this way challenges the audience to new feelings and imaginative states through which the audience becomes the leading actor in an extended journey in which the sound is image and the image becomes sound. Unique by definition and innovative by transposition, Imaginarium is the result of four valuable interpreters’ desire to express their artistic vision in an endeavour that experiments both with music and visual arts, offering a new field of action to the creating artist. “Imaginarium” incites... and it does so not only through new techniques of conveying the image or through set elements, but mostly by updating chamber music – offering it a new meaning, a new dimension.

MIHAELA ANICA (flute), HORIA MAXIM (piano), LAURA BURUIANĂ (cello) and CĂTĂLIN CREŢU (multimedia) have met in order to create unique moments through spectacular interpretations and fusions, in a series of performances/concerts that bring chamber music into the spotlight – authentic Romanian composition and classical scores, in an atmosphere wrapped in the mystery of human imagination… And the challenge arises when this artistic complicity steers the flow of fantasy – through shape, sound and colour – in the irresistible direction of continuous transformations and unexpected connections.